Game Overview


Starting a Battle

If this is your first battle choose "Tutorial" from the choices found in the lower right portion of the game lobby.

Battle Queue Overview

From the Battle Queue, you can modify your Battle Configuration, invite friends to battle, select a computer-controlled teammate or opponent, and change battle settings for non-ranked battles. Ranked Battles bypass the Battle Queue because settings are fixed, you are matched with a random opponent, and you are placed on a random map. When playing game modes like Explore versus the computer the Battle Queue serves and your last chance to modify your Battle Configuration before clicking the "Ready" button. While in the Battle Queue, if you are the battle creator of a "Custom Battle", you can adjust battle parameters like turn time and Mana multiplier more. While in the battle queue, you can invite other players to the battle by clicking their name in chat. In the Battle Queue you will see the selected Battleground Map, the length (in seconds) of each Turn (the time each squad is given to take an action) and whether or not this is an Invite Only battle. You can also change your Team and Color from here. Once you are ready to begin the Battle, check the Ready box. Once all players have checked Ready the battle will begin. To leave the queue, simply click "Back to Lobby". You will see other players join your Battle Queue when their portraits appear in the right portion of the queue.