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The Effects of Video Game Play on Academic Performance

The advent of technology has caused a paradigm shift in virtually all aspects of human endeavor, including education. Students now benefit from websites like, especially when they need an expert to write their essays for them. The world's educational system now depends on several hi-tech channels through which professors communicate with their students. Some of these channels include virtual reality for learning, online learning, personalized Skype meeting, Google classroom, Youtube, and so on.
Interestingly, none of these 21st-century technologies has gained more dominance in recent times, like the video game. Video gaming has become one of the best learning aids because of its uniqueness as an educational tool, as well as being an object of fun. Gone are the days when video games were seen as distractions and objects of low academic performance among students. Now, video games are educational, entertaining, instructive, and a tool for learning.
Nevertheless, the fact remains that games can be addictive, and some students are full victims of this addiction that they eventually spend more time with video games than their books. But, that will not nullify the fact that video games improve students' intelligence, thereby enhancing memory retention and excellent academic performance. Below are some of the positive effects of video game play on academic performance;

1. Video Game Improves How Student Process Information

The computer functions when it accepts data through its input devices, processes those data through the central processing unit, and finally gives out information as final output. Similarly, the human brain works exactly like a computer. What the eye sees, the brain processes, and interprets it for better understanding.
Different students provided with the same information do not process it at the same pace. While some students assimilate and process information faster, other students might take more time to comprehend the same information.
A researcher Dr. Adam Gazzeley, shows how the brain improves its ability to handle information when exposed to video games. In his study, Dr. Adam found out that during video gaming, the brain capacity to think increases, thereby enhancing data processing.

2. Video Gaming Increases Ability to Focus

The ability to pay attention to details is essential for excellent academic performance for students. The brain plays along with you when you concentrate your effort and energy to achieve a thing.
You will realize that gamers pay close attention to what they do. Shooter games like Call to Duty enable students to pay attention to details.

3. Gaming Enhances Better Vision

The eyes are the major organ of sight. You need good sight to get details from your book, and remembering what you see is a good way the brain shows better performance. Any student who plays Hi-Tech games tends to have improved eyesight. A good eye relieves the brain a lot of stress of trying to image objects and assimilate them too.

4. Video Game Sustains the Brain Health

Dementia is one of the major brain diseases which occurs as a result of the death of brain cells, causing partial or total loss of memory. Nevertheless, certain activities rejuvenate the brain cell. One of these activities is the video game. No doubt that games have several beneficial effects on the brain, thereby helping students with partial memory loss to retain what they learn and aid academic performance.